होमlifestyleperiod cramps vs early pregnancy cramps difference

period cramps vs early pregnancy cramps difference

Period cramps, Abdominal cramps are common, all girls have to go through this phase at a stage of age let’s know period cramps vs early pregnancy cramps.

Girls go through pain during menstruation, almost all girls have abdominal cramps menstruation, which occurs during or before menstruation. This is a common problem but there can be many reasons for this, here some girls feel that if their abdominal cramps are not indicating that she is in pregnancy condition, then for this you should know that pregnancy cramps What are the symptoms of and what is the difference between pregnancy cramps vs period cramps?

period cramps vs early pregnancy cramps

Many girls get into a lot of depression due to cramps during menstruation, if you do not understand what is the difference between cramps during pregnancy and cramps during periods, then you should also get into this situation. But you do not need to panic, you can guess well in this article whether your stomach cramps are Pregnancy Cramps or Period Cramps.

Although it is very easy to guess which you can understand very easily because there is a big difference between cramps during pregnancy and cramps during period, if you see some such symptoms inside you, you can feel them well. And you can guess whether it is period cramps or pregnancy cramps, so let’s know what are the symptoms of pregnancy cramps

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Cramps during pregnancy

Period cramps vs early pregnancy cramps: Cramps during pregnancy are different from cramping during periods because when cramps occur during periods, it feels like a pain, whereas cramps during pregnancy feel like this Cramps during pregnancy can also be inferred from the fact that even if you stand for a long time, your stomach may start to cramp. At the same time, when you laugh or laugh, there is a sudden increase in abdominal cramps due to pressure in the stomach, which can easily be guessed that it is pregnancy cramps, it is very heavy. It can be uncomfortable and even painful.

If seen from a medical point of view, doctors often rely more on early pregnancy contractions as a marker of increased size of the uterus. But hormonal changes and blood levels in the pelvic area are high, which suggests that the pain is uterine pain, it is a little difficult to understand normally.

Although the changes during pregnancy are not visible so quickly, they take some time It also causes the problem of cramps. In the initial period, this pain is similar to the cramps that occur before menstruation, if all these changes are understood properly, then after understanding it, it is possible to take care of both the mothers and the fetus. Help can be found.

Cramps during periods

Cramps during period are painful, sometimes girls get pain in legs, pain in hands as well as body pain and sometimes fever also occurs, pain during period is one of the main factors that cause uterus in the first stage. This is caused by strong contractions of the body, it pushes the blood pressure rapidly due to which prostaglandins, which are natural substances produced by a body, and this also causes the uterus to contract, due to which women or girls have to menstruate. First this pain is experienced.

symptoms like menstrual cramps

  • lower abdominal pain
  • pain in the pelvic area
  • body aches
  • frequent sweating
  • state of tension from the pain of sweating
  • Pain in abdomen and thighs due to pain
  • For some people, pain during menstruation can lead to more severe symptoms such as headache, dizziness and high fever.

difference in period cramps vs early pregnancy cramps

As it has been mentioned in the above paragraph that during delivery there are many changes in the uterus due to which the uterus adapts and cramps occur during pregnancy which is quite common.

Cramps that occur during pregnancy are usually in the pelvic region, a slight pain in the lower abdomen is felt if the same goes for premenstrual cramps, which are more intense during periods and menstruation begins. It persists from before the onset of menstruation to the end of menstruation.

Pain during pregnancy for pregnant women is usually felt as a mild pain in the lower abdomen and it is not much visible, whereas menstrual cramps are felt a day or two before the onset of menstruation. It starts appearing even 5 days before, the intensity of the pain can be high, as the time of (period cramps) menstruation approaches, the intensity of the pain starts increasing and in many girls this cramps continue till the end of menstruation Is.

Like cramps during periods, cramps during pregnancy can make women very tired, they can feel very tired, so some common measures such as rest for some time, keep your body loose or Drinking hot tea is also a common remedy which helps a lot in such times.

Along with this, women should also pay attention to exercise, so that all the muscles keep working smoothly, during pregnancy exercises like walking and deep breathing are very good solutions, which help the muscles to work smoothly. help to work.

Although this should also be given special attention at such times, there is also a need to be careful with related heat-providing measures such as heating or rest in a tub of hot water, more beneficial for people with menstrual cramps only. The remedy can be proved but such remedy is not suitable for women in pregnancy, so they should avoid taking such measures.

what to do when a woman has cramps

Women should pay special attention that whenever any such problem appears, whether it is period cramps or you are pregnant, it is important that you go to the gynecologist and get it right. Observe, and consider reacting quickly to the changes in your body, both positively and negatively, which can be of great help to you.

The information given here is just for general understanding, try to solve your problem on your own with getting all the information for girls before menstruation and problems with them in general. It is very difficult to fix but if we talk about pregnancy here, then it is very difficult to deal with the patterns during pregnancy, do not ignore any kind of advice and useful information at all, it is for you and your friends. It may be necessary in emergency but not a diagnosis, in case of any kind of problem, please consult your specialist. Thank you.

Why is period cramp so painful?

Due to the high blood pressure of the uterus, prostaglandins (a natural substance produced by the body) cause the uterus to contract, due to which girls have cramps during menstruation

Period cramps vs early pregnancy cramps?

Cramps that occur during menstruation, before the start of menstruation, and till the end of menstruation, while standing in the position of pregnancy, cramps start in the lower part of the abdomen, along with this, cramps are felt in the pelvic region as well. it occurs.

What do early pregnancy cramps feel like?

Mild pain is felt in the lower abdomen and pelvic region during early pregnancy, although it is not fully known in the early stages, it can be felt in the later pregnancy.

What causes period cramps?

During menstruation, the uterus helps to shed its lining, which causes it to contract, and for this reason the prostaglandins involved in pain and inflammation trigger the contraction of the muscles of the uterus. High levels of prostaglandins and high blood pressure can lead to more severe menstruation. Cramps are caused due to which cramps are felt during menstruation.

what to do when a woman has cramps?

During cramps one should try to drink more and more water, try to keep the body loose, as well as use herbal tea, eat anti-inflammatory foods, avoid tea as well as nutritious food Should take

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